The stone-built cellar with the typical Istrian courtyard is a constituent part of the homestead, which is situated in the hamlet Burji, on the very top of the Marezige hill, from where visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Koper and the wider surroundings all the way to Triglav.

Refošk and Cipro mature in wooden oak barrels while for the purpose of cellaring and maturing of Malvazija we use stainless steel wine tanks.

Nature blessed us with very fertile flysch soil, hot sun and cold wind – Burja. All of these give exceptional conditions for the ripening of grapes, especially Refošk, which hasn't found a better home then Istria.

Our vineyards lay on the southern slope of the Marezige Hill, 280 metres above sea level.

Our wines are produced exclusively from autochthonous, traditional sorts: Refošk, Istrian Malvazija and Cipro.

These sorts, just as the locals, are deeply rooted in the Istrian soil. The mixture of various circumstances – the structure of the flysch soil, the sun's energy, the freshness of the winds, the sea's embrace and the synergy of centuries of experiences and modern knowledge allow us to produce wines of premium quality. The wines thus encompass the climate, nature and the character of the people. That's why our wines are rich in the body as the soil where the vines grow, strong as the sun that illuminates the grapes and energetic as the wind that sways them. However, they are simultaneously soft and warm, just as the locals. They give our taste buds many pleasures and with moderate consumption can improve our vitality and health.

Our wine tastings are perfect for those who want to get to know the world of wines and at the same time get acquainted with the soul of Slovene Istria and enjoy the breathtaking view of our sea and mountains.

The wine tasting, accompanied by some typical Istrian cuisine, can be upgraded with a guided tour of our cellar and vineyards.

If you want to enjoy your holiday at a tranquil location in the heart of Slovene Istria you can stay at our modernly decorated apartment PANORAMA which can host up to four people. It is on the ground floor, it has a terrace and a separate entrance.

The location is suitable for an active holiday, exploring the beauty of the surrounding and wider areas of Slovene Istria as well as a starting point for visiting Slovenia's famous tourist spots.

Our guests can also watch or participate in the works in our vineyards.