Lunčavoc is our most special vineyard and the one we're most proud of.

Already our ancestors knew how important location was for the vine and the right location needs to have the correct inclination, structure of the soil and exposure to the sun to become the perfect home for this plant. This vineyard retained various elements from the past, among them are the 150-year-old vines which we love to show our visitors. When preparing the vineyard a lot of stones had to be excavated from the soil. Part of them were used to build a support for the vines while the rest were used to build a wall around the vineyard.

This wall was 2.5 metres high and 4.5 metres wide and as such not only provided shelter from Burja but it also absorbed the sun's heat that was then released at night into the vineyard. In this way a specific microclimate was created, which satisfied the vines. Some of the old vines, that are also a special variety of Refošk called 'Raška rosa', still enrich our wines with their high quality produce.


In 1995, to continue the story that started at Lunčavoc, we planted grafted vines made especially for us from scions taken from the 150-year-old Refošk vines of the 9Raška rosa9 variety.

This vineyard, which as the one at Lunčavoc is not terraced and doesn't have any grass between the rows, also enjoys all the characteristics and peculiarities of a first-rate position.


Our youngest vineyard was set in 2012.

It is situated on the top of the Marezige Hill and is directly exposed to the influence of the sea, sun and wind. All of these affect and thus show in the unique and high quality of the grapes.